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GEF (Gilbert Education Foundation) will be awarding scholarships in the areas of Academics, STEM, Health care, Volunteerism, Business.  SENIORS-- This is a great opportunity for scholarships!  Apply now!  Information and application can be found  http://gefaz.org/scholarships/            Deadline is March 16, 2015

Jamba Juice Fridays are back for Armageddon!

From the Principal

Hello Parent,
Happy Friday and welcome to the week before Armageddon.  I know that sounds menacing, but it is a good thing.  We are excited about the activities coming up on Thursday and Friday.  If you can be a part of it we can use some volunteers to supervise activities or just general supervision.  If you can help contact Michelle Bowers pto_president@gca.gilbert.k12.az.us.  If you would like to visit please check in the office and get a visitor sticker.  After Armageddon we have spring break and I want to wish you an enjoyable, relaxing week as students recharge for the final, intense quarter of the year.
Gilbert Educational Foundation Scholarship Update
To date, we've had 21 students apply for 32 scholarships and each application is incomplete. Only 3 of the 21 students uploaded any of the information that we asked for (Resume, Essay, 2 letters of Recommendation, Transcripts). We've worked so hard this year to raise money to increase the number of scholarships given and make the application and review process easier......it would be a shame to give fewer scholarships in 2015 due to an on-line application process.
The due date is March 16, 2015 and here is the website:
Thank you for any assistance.
Leanne McEachran - Executive Director
Gilbert Education Foundation
Please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10 when submitting your application. Upload Completed Packet by midnight on or before March 16, 2015. No late application packets.
Completed Application Form.
One page resume that may include: Goals and objectives, academic highlights, work (include both paid and unpaid) experience, community service, clubs and extra-curricular involvement.
Two letters of recommendation from (1) an individual within GPS Teacher, Counselor, Principal, Supervisor (2) an individual outside of GPS or family, i.e. career professional, neighbor, family friend, employer, clergy, etc.
A one page essay 500 words or less on the following topic: Explain why you have chosen your area of study and how receiving this scholarship will help you achieve your goals and impact your community.
Copy of Current High School Transcript (not required if applying GPS Faculty/Staff Scholarship).
Trait of the week
Being law-abiding and involved in service to school, community and country.
Following rules are always a difficulty as we are growing and maturing.  Being involved in school means following rules that create a positive learning atmosphere for all involved.  Basically it is thinking of others before ourselves.  Two basic areas this shows up are in our dress code and being on time.  When students try to dress to stand out they are looking to be noticed and not concerned about others and the educational process.  Being tardy is the same type attitude.  Some do not care if they get marked tardy, even though it disrupts the start of class.  Please have this conversation around the dinner table so we can build or reinforce this trait next week.
Information on College planning:
If you have questions or need information on what you should be doing to get ready for college see the following link:  http://ec.gca.gilbert.k12.az.us/group_profile_view.aspx?id=90b9e9a1-786a-4b53-b04d-bae42c35c670  There is everything you need to know from test dates to scholarship updates and information.
English Acquisition for Adults (ELAA)  District Service offered
I wanted to advertise our last quarter of the English for Acquisition for Adults (ELAA) classes will be starting after spring break.  Registration is THIS coming Monday, March 2 at the Community Education office from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 5:30-7:30 p. Adults only need official picture ID and payment for the class to be registered in our program. Our classes are $50 for the nine week course and we only take money orders or cashier's checks. We do offer a reduced registration fee based upon household income and the scale is on our website www.gilbertschools.net/gpsadulted.  Flyers were sent to each of your sites to be placed with your parent kiosks, so if you have adults who want to improve their English, we will find them a slot in our program since it is first come, first served and we will fill up fast.
Thank you for all your efforts to ensure our parents, our employees, and other members of our community are aware of all the services our district has to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information about our program.
Angela Philpot, M.A.Ed
Adult Education Program Supervisor
Gilbert Adult Learning Program
Gilbert Public Schools
Community Education Office
6839 East Guadalupe Road
Mesa, AZ 85212

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 5
Armageddon 2014/15
Friday, March 6
Armageddon 2014/15
GCA/Early Release-Grading Day

Community Outreach

Pull Together for the Ronald McDonald House
NJHS is collecting Pop Tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Memory of Lidia Razman. Take your Pop Tabs to your Legion teacher by Friday, March 6th. Top 3 Legions will earn Armageddon points. 

Scholarship & College Bulletin

SUMMER COLLEGE PROGRAMS for 2015 -  The Bulletin for Summer opportunities for 2015 can be found in "Counseling Services" resources.  Take a look at programs that are offered on college campuses for the summer!

Club News

Bricks 4 the Brave
The High School Speech & Debate team is collecting NEW Lego sets (or money) to donate to The Phoenix Children's Hospital. Bring all Legos (or money) to Mrs. Tibbetts's Room (109) by Friday, March 6th. 

PTO Events and News

Check out the GCA PTO web page for more events and info.