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Hello Parents,
It is Thanksgiving next week.  Time to look around and see things we are thankful for.  Something happened today that I am thankful for and epitomizes what happens daily at GCA.  As students were changing classes a couple of students bumped into each other a one students colored pencils went everywhere.  It was amazing to watch, without skipping a beat, students bent down and picked up pencils within their reach and handed them to the owner and proceeded to class.  It was a reaction, something they did not think about doing, they just did it.  Something even more amazing was that it was students from all grade levels who assisted.  We are looking forward to our school wide assembly because it gives us an opportunity to show off our kids from GCA.  As parents you should be extremely proud of your children. Read more...
Thursday, November 27
No School/Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 28
No School